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"About ToyTech "

ToyTech was founded in the spring of 1987 when a mother of 3 young children was losing the war against stuffed toys all over her home. One evening, with little prior notice of impending company, she attempted to put the toys away by clipping them to the, then fashionable, sway lamp chain in the children's bedrooms. Guests that evening commented how attractively and practicably the stuffed animals were both put away and displayed. The Chain Gang Organizer was born and the stuffed animal crisis managed. Within the next few weeks she was receiving calls from other moms who both commented on her clever idea and wanted to purchase Chain Gang Organizers for their homes. With family support, she turned her idea into a manufactured product and business venture.

The next three years witnessed expansion from the sole product the 6' 20-clip all white Chan Gang Organizer to a myriad of chain organizers in assorted lengths and rainbow of colored clips. The assembly personnel, since 1997, will custom assemble Chain Gaing Organizers in any combination of six chain colors and nine clips colors. The next product line was the 1993 intorduction of the Teddy hammock – a place to put "stuffed friends". This line is currently offered in two sizes and three border trim colors. The new millennium, twenty-first century thinkg and Y2K phenomenon gave the present company management a reason to assess the company's product lines and plan for the changing desires of the consumer.

It was clear that what was once a device marketed exclusively to the toy industry was notably more successful in the storage & organizational retail stores. For this reason, the company image was shifted to CREATIVE ORGANIZERS, as that theme is markedly more accurate of ToyTech's mission. A new line was clearly needed to propel the storage & organizational products strategy. Wizard Storage Solution was formed to integrate this 21st centruy plan into reality. The Storage in Style line was conceptualized, created and refined as the first product line of the new company. It wasn't until June 2002 that the new company and the Storage in Style line was rolled out. The community response has been both succcessful and gratifying as we continue to develop and introduce innovative, practical and economical products.

A note from the General Manager

Again, thank you for your interest and consideration. Please call toll free 800.444.5535 for additional information, questions, or to place an order. We encourage our Guaranteed Sales Program for your initial order. We are pleased to provide samples as we look forward to becoming business partners. Drop me an email here.

Steve Perlman, General Manager

11301 West 47th Street
Minnetonka, MN 55343
Office: 952.936.2143
Fax: 952.935.1872
Toll Free: 800.444.5535

ToyTech offers storage solutions and products to organize your kid's room.

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The products featured in this website will inspire ideas intended to keep children's rooms safe, organized, and clean. Learn how to get your children involved in the cleaning process. Find ideas to motivate kids to maintain their rooms. Find links to chore charts and lists to help younger children visualize their responsibilities. Each of these fantastic organizing product solutions are designed to help your children's rooms stay organized.

Give your children the ultimate tool to help them clean up their rooms. Fifteen minutes daily, or even every other day will keep their bedrooms in shape without you getting bent out of shape. Show them how to save an entire Saturday spent digging through their room. Whether your children are preschoolers, or preteens, our organizing products will get their rooms ready for living, and fit for viewing.

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